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Newest Transportation

Susan J

Over the years the way we travel has changed drastically. Many years ago transportation was limited to horse and buggy. Traveling to faraway locations took days and sometimes weeks to reach a destination. But in the 21st century we can arrive on the other side of the country in just a few hours by plane; drive cross-country by car within a few days, take a train ride across New York City in minutes, or call a taxi at our convenience. In addition to all of these modes of transportation there is a new contender in our society of modern technology, Uber and Lyft. They are one of the most popular means of transportation, and no wonder. At the touch of our fingers, on our smart phones, we can schedule an Uber or Lyft to pick us up and take us to our destination.

Scheduling a ride with Uber or Lyft is so simple. You log on, insert your destination and your ride arrives soon after. This is more readily available in large cities where demand is higher. These ride services are popular in places such as California, Washington or New York, where the business world is thriving, and areas feature tourist attractions. It is also convenient to schedule a ride from the air port to the hotel. The apps give you time frames, costs, and levels of service.

Each transportation company offers different levels of service depending on your needs. For example, Uber offers UberPOOL as an economical option that allows you to share your ride with another customer going the same way. If you are in the business world and need to impress a client, you may consider UberBLACK, the luxurious option. Multiple levels of comfort are available depending on how casual or luxurious you would like the ride to be. Lyft offers similar features with fewer options. Lyft Line offers a ride share, whereas Lyft Premier gives you a ride with ultimate comfort.

With any public transportation, it is important to always stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings and check out your driver. I would recommend making sure that your driver knows who you are and your destination. Many parties agree that security measures should be added to ensure that driver and riders are safe. Some people have voiced an idea of adding QR codes to the windows to confirm you are taking the correct ride. Always remember, safety is of the utmost importance.

In spite of the drawbacks many people love the fact they can easily catch a ride when needed. At a low and competitive price, you can arrive at your destination hassle-free; with no reason to worry about parking at airports or hotels. As technology and transportation evolve, the newest options will continue to make life just a little simpler. In 10 years, the newest and greatest means of transportation may be better than we can even imagine.

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