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Changing A Flat Tire

Susan J

There are times where the inevitable happens. We may be enjoying our morning coffee on the way to work, when you hear that dreaded sound. What is the sound, you may ask? The thumping of a flat tire while driving down the road. What better way to put a damper on your morning? Do you even know how to change a flat tire? This is an important life skill that everyone should know.

There are important items that you should always keep in your trunk. The items that come with your vehicle would include the owner’s manual, spare tire, wrench and a vehicle jack. A few extras that will certainly help ease the job would be wheel wedges and a block of wood. Other items may include flash light in the event this happens at night, a towel to lay on the ground, or gloves. These are good items to keep on hand in case of an emergency.

When you first realize you have a flat it is important to slow down, check for a safe location, and pull over on an even surface. You want to ensure you are not on a curvy road where other drivers may not see you and turn your hazard lights on. To ensure that your vehicle is not subject to rolling away, it is important to use your parking brake. Now, you are closer to changing that tire.

If you have this item on hand in your trunk, pull out the wheel wedges to help prevent the vehicle from rolling. Wheel wedges can be found at your local hardware stores. They are inexpensive and can increase the safety while you are changing your flat tire. Once the wheel wedges are in place, you can loosen up the lug nuts. You do not want to remove them completely, but simply loosen. Now that your lug nuts are loose, it is time to use the jack. The jack is recommended to be secured under a wooden block. This will help that the jack doesn’t tip over and gives it solid support.

Now that the jack is deployed, you can continue unscrewing the lug nuts. Once the lug nuts are removed, you can remove the flat tire. The spare tire should be removed from the trunk. The spare tire can not be mounted onto the lug bolts. You will first begin to tighten the lug nuts by hand. The vehicle can now be lowered from the jack. Once the vehicle is safely on the ground with the jack and wood removed, you can begin tightening the lug nuts again with the wrench. Now, it is time to put all items in the trunk and you can be merrily on your way.

Spare tires are typically suggested to be used for only approximately 70 miles and you should not exceed 50 MPH. It is important to head to your local tire store for a replacement or repairs to your flat tire. During routine maintenance, I would also suggest checking the pressure of the spare tire in your trunk. It would be terrible to find out that your spare is flat when you’re replacing a flat.

Everyone should know how to safely change a tire. It is something that is bound to happen at some point and you will need to act quickly for your safety. Typically, a tire change may take about 15 to 30 minutes depending on the supplies you have on hand and the circumstances around you. It is important to always reference the instructions of your owner’s manual for proper tire change.  Of course, this may have delayed your day in some way but knowing how to properly change your tire will have you on your way in no time!

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