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Car Window Tint

Susan J

Have you considered adding window tint to your vehicle? You may be interested in this type of modification for various reasons. The reasons may include sensitivity to light, high temperatures, privacy, or you may simply prefer the beauty of darker windows. Window tint can be a great addition to any vehicle.

When you purchase a new vehicle, if you are like me, you start thinking about the tint. Factory tint can sometimes be sufficient, or it may need to be altered by a local shop. Sometimes, people opt to install the window tint themselves. Check out this work completed by a local shop!

Installation by a local shop is often the easiest route for tint installation.  They make it as simple as browsing window displays and choosing the color percentage for your tint. Of course, it is best to check your state laws for what is allowed in your state. Tint that is too dark can result in fines from the highway patrol or in difficulty seeing at night. Typically, installation takes just a few hours. You can drop the vehicle off and return later.

Choosing to install tint yourself, while an economical solution, can be a bit more stressful. You will need to choose the best materials and make sure you install the tint correctly. If it is improperly installed, you may not have the long term results that you are looking for. It is important to ensure the window tint comes to the edge of the window. Improper tint can also result in bubbles throughout. A gap between the edge and tint or bubbles will be an eye sore.


    Once you have decided on which option is best for you, the results will keep the sun away while you’re out on the road. This keeps your vehicle cooler during the scorching summer months. Let’s not forget the most important advantage of tinted windows;  people won’t spot you performing your daily concert at the red light! In my opinion, tint is a must-have for vehicles!

If you don’t like tint, but are tired of the high car temperatures, we offer additional alternatives for you. Whether you would like a UV shield only or a full car cover, both could drastically improve the interior temperatures. For truck drivers, we offer a cab cooler which can be smaller and easier to handle quickly. These items will prolong the life of your interior and make it more pleasant when you get in the car on a sweltering July or August afternoon.


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