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Susan J

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Keeping your car in tip-top shape is important. Happy car, happy life… right? Of course we all appreciate our car the most when we are driving around in a shiny clean car. It makes us feel better and a little more accomplished. Let’s talk about this, how do you clean your car? Are you using effective products to avoid damaging the paint? Proper techniques are important to ensure your vehicle keeps the new car look we all love.

Do you prefer to hand-wash your vehicle or take it to a local car wash? Hand-washing your vehicle yourself can be the most economical solution. The two bucket method is great and helps prevent transferring dirt and debris to other parts of the vehicle. Of course this day in age, we have multiple options for handwashing to provide the best results. Have you used either a foam sprayer or foam cannon? The foam sprayer simply attaches to your outside hose. The foam cannon will attach to your pressure washer. Caution should be used with the pressure washer to make sure you do not cause damage to the paint. Hand washing your vehicle using any method is always a great choice.

If you opt to take it to a local car wash that uses automated drive-through machinery, it is recommended to use a touch-less version. All methods will have pros and cons. The car washes with the large brushes can often damage the paint. In my own past experience, debris can become caught in the bristles and cause major scratches. Car washes can be an efficient option when you are pressed for time. With the short air-dryer at the end, you may not have a fully dry car when you leave. This could create water spots on your vehicle. Is the added convenience worth it?

The products that you use on your vehicle make a world of difference! You should not use house hold cleaners on the vehicle as they can be harsh on the paint. Instead, you should use reputable products for automobiles. You should always use a soft sponge or mitt while washing your vehicle.  A different sponge or mitt should be used for the wheel well/tires and the body of the vehicle. If the same item is used, you can transfer the debris and create scratches. Once you have washed, it is important to dry your vehicle. This will help clean any missed spots and prevent water spots.

Proper care of your vehicle can provide long term benefits for you. Even as the vehicle ages, if properly cared for, it can still look like new many years later. Over time, you may consider selling, and a well maintained paint job would be most appealing to the consumer. Although at times this task can be daunting, it is rewarding in the end. Who doesn’t love a nice, clean car? I know I do!

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