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Luxuries Behind the Wheel

Susan J

As the winter months are approaching, many people are extra thankful for remote start and heated seats. These luxuries now available keep us warm when it is frigid outside. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly innovating and improving technology to make our lives easier. I know that I am appreciative of these features, especially in the colder season!

Remote start has been around since the early 70’s. Of course, it is now a lot more advanced than it was at that time. It was invented to preheat or cool the vehicle prior to entering the vehicle. During early mornings, it is wonderful to be able to start your car at the touch of a key fob or even your phone. Many manufacturers have apps that allow you to start your car from your phone. How neat is that?

Along with remote start, many vehicles have the upgrade option of heated seats. Heated seats date back to the ‘50’s when they were first introduced. They have come a long way since that time. At the push of a button, the driver and passenger seats will warm. Many models allow each seat to be set at different temperatures to provide comfort for each person. After-market seat heaters are also available to those who do not have factory install. This feature is loved by many to keep warm during the winter months.

New vehicles offer many luxurious features to simplify our daily lives. Other features may include heated steering wheel, side and rear cameras, GPS, Wi-Fi, DVD players and parking assistance. The car world is always changing for our benefit. And at this time of year we always enjoy the features that keep us warm through the cold winter months.

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