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6 Most Reliable High Mileage Cars for Any Budget

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For many of us, plucking a car off the showroom floor with a single-digit mileage reading just isn’t in the cards. Used cars are generally less expensive to buy, primarily because they have the worst of the depreciation curve behind them. But not all used cars are created equal. In this post, we’ll explore which makes and models are most likely to stay spry in their old age, getting you from Point A to Point B safely. We’ll rank our top picks in ascending order, saving our top pick for last.

According to Consumer Reports, each of these cars were rated as most likely to make it to 200,000 miles and received the fewest reports of maintenance issues within the last 12 months. Using 2015 models as our baseline, our aim is to highlight an assortment of vehicles that hit the sweet spot when it comes to both reliability and affordability.

These Quality Rides Have What It Takes To Get To 200,000 Miles

6. Honda Civic LX Sedan 4D

The apex of sensibility, the Honda Civic offers a reliable ride and solid fuel efficiency. This compact car stays focused on the basics. It has an impressive combination of city and highway driving average of 32 mpg, so you’ll be pumping less of your hard-earned cash into your gas tank. Kelley Blue Book thinks a fair price for a lightly-used 2015 model should range between $12,465-$14,970. Honda’s asking price for the latest model is $18,940. With a potential savings exceeding $6,000, that’s a significant cost difference for the lowest-priced car on our list.

5. Toyota Sienna L Minivan 4D

This sensible family-friendly hauler has plenty of room for your people and their stuff. Its comfortable and quiet ride make it a popular choice. With a decent combined fuel efficiency rating of 21 mpg, this minivan won’t break the bank carting you around town and beyond. According to Kelley Blue Book, frugal families looking to buy a 2015 should expect to pay between $17,693-$19,980 for a base model in good condition. When compared to the $30,750 price tag for a 2018 with the same trimline, buying a used one represents a substantial savings.

4. Honda CR-V LX Sport Utility 4D

This popular SUV is designed to last. Honda’s best-selling vehicle in this category seats five with plenty of cargo space. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys taking the road less traveled, the higher clearance and ready-for-adventure look and feel will appeal. For folks content to stay closer to town, the CR-V boasts a roomy feel that has plenty of space to bring home your latest shopping finds or a few bags of mulch and some flowers. Bagging over 30 mpg in combined driving, this SUV sips gas when compared to much-thirstier competitors. Kelley Blue Book predicts you’ll be able to nab a 2015 model in good condition for between $15,473-$18,478. That price tag is tempting, especially when compared to the $24,250 you’d need to cough up for a new 2018 model.

3. Toyota Prius One Hatchback 4D

One of the first hybrids to hit the U.S. car market, the Toyota Prius is still one of the most popular and reliable gas/electric vehicles on offer. This surprisingly roomy car offers a quiet ride, lots of interior space, and a generously-sized trunk. Regularly returning over 50 mpg, you’ll be able to cruise right pass the gas station on your way to spend that extra money on a dinner out or a movie for two. Kelley Blue Book expects you’ll pay between $15,560-$17,775 for a lightly-used 2015 base model. Toyota’s asking $23,475 for the equivalent version of the 2018 model, making the used version look like a steal.

2. Honda Accord LX Sedan 4D

For generations, the Honda Accord has been one of the frequent occupants of driveways and garages nationwide. And for good reason. This mid-size sedan is one of the most reliable vehicles available today. With a smooth ride, quality interior finishes, and a roomy feel, it has all the popular essentials. A combination of city and highway driving equal out to around 30 mpg, making the Accord the perfect choice as a daily driver. Those looking for a 2015 entry-level model will need to drop between $14,441-$16,582 for a gently-used one, according to the folks at Kelley Blue Book. Honda’s MSRP for an equivalent 2018 model will set you back nearly $10,000 more at $23,570.

1. Toyota Camry LE Sedan 4D

One of the most popular and long-lasting sedans to ever roll off a showroom floor, the Toyota Camry is our top pick for a used vehicle. This roomy mid-size sedan has consistently delivered reliable, repair-free performance up to 200k miles and beyond. This well-rounded family car offers a comfortable ride around town or on longer trips. A combined driving fuel efficiency rating of 30 mpg is closer to what you’d expect to be getting in a much smaller vehicle. According to the experts at Kelley Blue Book, a fair price for a 2015 model in good condition should set you back between $13,770-$15,879. Toyota’s asking price for the new 2018 iteration is $23,495.

When you own a high mileage car, certain parts of it are prone to faster wear. For example, the dashboard experiences near-constant exposure to the sun, high heat levels, and dust, all of which can take their toll. Protecting it with a dash cover prevents cracking or fading over time. Seats in vehicles of any age are on front lines daily. Food and drink spills, sharp edges on sports equipment, and numerous other hazards impact the life expectancy of your car seats on a regular basis. Covering your seats with quality seat covers can improve the look of worn upholstery or protect newer seats from damage.

Absent the benefit of a crystal ball, it’s impossible to say which individual vehicle is capable of topping the 200,000 mile mark and which one won’t quite make it. But with the benefit of past performance data, you’re much more likely to end up with a reliable car that can go the distance if you choose from this list.

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