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Car Washing Tips, Bug and Tar Removal, and Pet Hair Removal

How should I properly wash my car?

Washing your car properly will add years to the life of your paint job, not to mention making it more enjoyable to drive your car. 

When washing your vehicle, use ONLY concentrated car wash.  Do NOT use dishwasher liquid because it tends to strip wax if you choose to wax your car after cleaning.  Add about 2 capfuls of car wash to a bucket of water.  Washing mitts or sponges work the best to gently loosen and remove debris.  Using an old rag is risky, as they can leave hairline scratches in your paint. 

Begin by washing the roof of your automobile. As you scrub each panel of the car, be sure to immediately rinse it off so that the soap doesn't dry.  Also, only use just enough pressure to wash the suds off.

Cover your car to protect the paint from sun damage, which is, in many cases, more brutal than irritants like acid rain on your car's finish.

Still got nasty bugs and tar spots?

These can destroy the finish on your car!  Use a sponge and apply a little bug and tar cleaner, and rub it into those areas.  Bug and Tar Remover can be found in your local auto parts store.  Some popular brands include:  BEST Bug Off, Duragloss Bug Remove, and Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover.  For best results, follow the directions on the product packaging.

Got dogs?

If you have dogs, you know all about dog hair on the interior of your vehicle.  Use kitchen rubber gloves with grooves to brush the hair off with your hand.  This glove will remove the hairs that vacuums and lint rollers miss.  A seat cover is a good choice as well.  They can be stripped off of the seats and washed easily.