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Cadillac Car Covers: A Brief History of Cadillac

The name Cadillac has become synonymous with luxury, so protecting your investment with Cadillac car covers is a must for maintaining your vehicle’s exterior finishes and interior upholstery. Cadillac covers protect your vehicle from all kinds of weather, ranging from corrosive acid ran to damaging ultraviolet rays. A Cadillac car cover can also keep your vehicle away from the prying eyes of vandals, thieves, and car prowlers, so finding the right Cadillac cover is essential to protect your investment. It’s time to make sure your Cadillac is protected. Find the perfect cover for your vehicle by selecting your car’s year and model.

Cadillac has a long history starting in 1903. Here, Car Covers Direct® offers some of the company’s highlights.

1903: Cadillac Model A

Completed on October 17, 1903, the original Cadillac was a bestseller. At $750 for a ten-horsepower, two passenger model and $850 for the four-passenger model, the vehicles rapidly sold out. Even early on, Cadillac was touted for its reliability.

1920s: Longer Hoods, More Luxury

By the 1920s, Cadillac had added extras like increased interior room, automatic windshield cleaner, and sedans for five or seven passengers.

1930s: More Power

In the 1930s, Cadillac increased the power of their engines with V-8 and V-16s. It was in this decade that Cadillac also began to add radio as an option to their vehicles, which included the Fleetwood and the Fisher Custom.

1940s: More Stylish

At the end of the 30s and into the 40s, Cadillac produced the seriously stylish Sixty Special, a sleek, handsome vehicle that was often imitated by other manufacturers.

1950s and Beyond: Claiming its Place as a Luxury Automobile

It was in the 1950s that Cadillac truly came into its own as a luxury brand of automobiles. During this time, Cadillac established itself as a prestige brand, abandoning mid-priced cars and focusing solely on the luxury market.

Today: Continuing to Meet the Needs of the Automotive Market

Today, Cadillac continues to forge its way in the luxury and near-luxury car markets with models ranging from sports coupes to the full-sized Escalade SUV.

No matter what model of Cadillac you have, protecting it with a Cadillac car cover will help keep its value. To keep your Cadillac in pristine condition, select your model and year above.