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Cable Lock Kits and Storage Bags from Covercraft

Evolution tanCable Lock Kits and Storage Bags for Car Covers: Tips for Discouraging Theft and Vandalism

You’ve spent a lot on your vehicle, and now you want to protect it from theft, prowling, and vandalism., a leading seller of car covers, cable lock kits, and car cover storage bags offers the following tips for discouraging theft, prowling, and vandalism.

  1. Vehicle prowling is often a crime of opportunity. Covering your vehicle with a car cover can keep prying eyes away from what you keep inside your car, protecting you from becoming a victim of a car prowl.
  2. Car thieves want to attract as little attention as possible. To that end, a car cover can discourage auto theft, because the thieves will see removing the cover as a potential attention draw. They will be far more likely to move onto an uncovered car.
  3. For even more security, protect your vehicle with a cable lock kit for your car cover, which allows you to lock the cover in place, making it even more difficult to remove.
  4. Vandals will be far less likely to damage a covered car, particularly one that has been secured with a cable lock kit.
  5. Consider many other theft deterrence devices, such as an alarm system, brake pedal lock, or steering wheel lock.
  6. Park in well-lighted areas.
  7. Store your car in the garage at home.
  8. Whenever possible, park in a monitored parking garage.
  9. If you do park in the driveway at home, install motion sensor lighting.

Protect Your Car Cover

Since your car cover does so much to keep your car safe, it’s important to protect your car cover to keep it in top condition. Car Covers Direct® also offers car cover storage bags so you can keep your cover in good shape to protect your vehicle for years to come. View cable lock kits and storage bags.