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Protect Your Investment with a Cab Cooler

Made by Covercraft in the USA

Cab Coolers: Saving You from Summer Heat

There’s nothing worse than getting in your truck or SUV on a hot summer day when you’re wearing shorts and feeling like your legs are on fire! Summer sun can warm up your vehicle’s cab, even when you park it for just a few short moments. On those days, you just can’t wait for the air conditioning to kick in to cool things down

In fact, during the heat of the day, your truck or SUV interior can exceed 130 degrees, even with your windows cracked! A Stanford University study even showed that on cooler days of around 72 degrees, the average rise in interior temperature in a vehicle parked for just one hour is about 71 degrees. The same study showed that when temperatures were 95 degrees or higher, temperature in a sealed vehicle could rise to more than 140 degrees in just 15 minutes.

All of that heat can do more than make your seats and steering wheel hot to the touch. It can also dry and damage interior finishes like leather. Further, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade and damage interior upholstery.

Beat the Heat with a Cab Cooler has the perfect, portable solution. With an easy to install, custom sized cab cooler, you can protect your vehicle from the heat of the day. These cab coolers cover the vehicle’s windows so the sun can’t come in, maintaining a cooler interior temperature and blocking out harmful UV rays. In the winter, cab coolers can also protect your vehicle from frost and snow, saving you from needing to use an ice scraper first thing in the morning.

Small enough to fit anywhere, easy to install, and custom fit to your truck or SUV, a cab cooler is the perfect option for beating the heat. Ready to find the right cab cooler for your truck or SUV? Select your truck or SUV make, model, year, and body style to get started.