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BMW Car Covers from Covercraft


BMW Car Covers: Protect Your Car from Bird Droppings

BMW owners take a lot of pride in their vehicles. These well-made cars are a symbol of luxury, and they look best with a pristine finish and careful detailing. That’s why it can be so frustrating when you head out to the parking lot, only to discover your BMW has been dive bombed by a bird. There are several tips below to prevent damage to your car's finish. The best way to protect your car from bird droppings is prevention with a Custom BMW cover. Select your model and year in our search tool to find a custom cover that will keep your BMW pristine.

Tips to Protect Your BMW’s Finish

Many people are surprised to learn that bird droppings can actually harm your car’s finish. The droppings contain high levels of acid, so the longer they remain in contact with your BMW’s finish, the more pronounced the corrosive effects on your car. Wiping the bird droppings off your car with a cloth can create even more damage, because the substance is also mildly abrasive and can scratch your paint. Why? Because birds rely on gravel to help digest their food, and those tiny bits of gravel remain in the bird droppings.

There are ways, however, to protect your BMW from corrosion and scratching associated with bird droppings.

  1. Always keep your car under wraps with a BMW car cover. If you cover your BMW every time you park it, then the droppings will land on the cover and not the car.
  2. Just in case a bird hits your car while it’s a moving target, keep a bottle of salt-free seltzer water with you. As soon as you notice the bird droppings, use the seltzer as a light pressure washer by shaking it up with your thumb over the opening and spraying the bird droppings to remove them.
  3. Alternatively, spray on high-quality waterless car wash or use automobile clay to remove the bird droppings.
  4. If you don’t get to the dropping soon enough and it leaves an etching in your finish, seek professional detailing.