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Bentley Custom Car Covers from Covercraft

Formfit BlackBentley Car Covers: Exceptional Craftsmanship

If you drive a Bentley, then you appreciate performance and aesthetics. If you wish to enjoy that famed Bentley performance, however, then you probably want to take your car out of the garage every once in awhile. Bentley Car Covers can protect your investment from the elements, vandalism, theft, and the carelessness of other drivers whenever you have to park your car in public.

Bentley: A Very Brief History

While W.O Bentley founded Bentley Motors in 1919 after successfully manufacturing rotary aero engines for World War I, the company only produced car engines and chassis for a full 27 years before completing its first entire automobile.

Crafting Today’s Bentley

Today, Bentley cars are a tribute to hand-built craftstmanship. Over 150 hours go into building a Continental GT, and over 400 hours into the Arnage. This exceptional care is evidenced in the features on your Bentley:

  • All glass is polished with fine pumice, using an optical lens polishing technique.
  • Steering wheels are double hand stitched in a process taking more than 15 hours of work per wheel.
  • Bentley cuts interior leather from a single source so all interior leather matches perfectly.

Protect Your Bentley

With such care given to your vehicle, there’s no way you want to see it dented or dinged by an errant door, shopping cart, or flying debris. Bentley Car Covers are made to fit the custom contours of your Bentley, protecting it from potential hazards and helping you keep it in pristine condition whenever you park somewhere other than the safety of your garage.

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