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Being Prepared for Cold Mornings

You ever had one of those mornings that nothing goes right? You oversleep, you spill your coffee and you know that you are going to be late for work. Then to top it all off, you go outside to get into your car only to find that the doors and/or locks are completely frozen.

There are many reactions to such scenarios- the first (and most common) reaction, would be to pull on the door handle as hard as possible. This is not a good idea. You can actually break the door handle and all of the mechanisms within it, causing you even more problems. There are other, much safer solutions to this problem. One way to fix this problem is to chip away ice from the cracks of the door with an ice scraper. Often, this will eliminate the problem. Another solution is to pour windshield wiper fluid into the cracks of the door and on the door handle. Since the cracks are small, only a little ice can form so it doesn’t take much to melt it. Some people have even been known to hook up their hair dryer and blow hot air into the cracks of the door and handle until the ice melts. This is not the best of ideas, as the hot air could blow onto the window, causing it to crack. However, lukewarm water will do the trick just as well as any of the other solutions. Just pour it down the cracks of the door and handle and it should open as it would any other day.

Of course, there are ways to prevent your doors from freezing shut. If you have a remote car starter, start your vehicle. If your car is running with the heat blasting away, your door will thaw within minutes. Also, check the rubber gaskets or weather stripping inside your car door. If they look torn or worn, look into replacing them, as this is what allows the doors to freeze. You can also spray a small amount of WD-40 or similar silicon spray onto a rag or paper towel, and rub this on the rubber gaskets or weather stripping the night before leaving your car outside in the elements. The best way to prevent the door from freezing is definitely just to park the car in a garage. If this is not an option, using one of the methods above should save you some time and in the end, maybe even some money.