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Aston Martin Car Covers-Keep your Car in Mint Condition

Green custom fitted car cover Recently, an Aston Martin belonging to former Beatles member George Harrison sold for £350,000 (about $550,000 USD). The mint condition vehicle was a 1964 DB5/1896/R, which experts only expected to fetch around  £200,000. The anonymous buyer was both a Beatles and Aston Martin fan.

Maintaining Your Aston Martin 

While you may not have plans to auction your Aston Martin to the highest bidder, such rarity and performance deserves to be maintained in mint condition. Keeping your car pristine can be difficult if you have to park your Aston Martin in a public lot, garage, or on the street. An Aston Martin car cover, however, can keep your vehicle under wraps and safe from:

·Door dings: Even when you park off in an uninhabited section of the lot, errant shopping carts or careless shoppers can harm your finish with small dents, dings, and scratches.

·Overspray: Think you’re safe parking away from areas where chemicals or paint is being sprayed? Think again. Wind can carry harmful spray great distances until it comes to rest on your car.

·Debris tossed by other vehicles: Vehicle tires kick up rocks and other debris that can damage your car.

·Bird droppings: If not caught immediately and removed properly, bird droppings can permanently etch your Aston Martin’s finish.

·Bad weather: Moisture in the atmosphere combines with industrial air pollution and becomes corrosive when it lands on your vehicle.

·Vandalism: Vandals and thieves want easy access. Using an Aston Martin car cover denies them this.

·Ultraviolet fading and damage: Sunlight can fade your exterior finish and interior upholstery. Block the harmful rays with a vehicle cover.

Aston Martin car covers protect your car’s finish, windows, headlights, chrome, and interior, helping you keep your vehicle in mint condition. The car covers are custom sized to your Aston Martin, so they fully protect your vehicle and are easy to install.

Start protecting your Aston Martin today. Select your year and model above to keep your car in mint condition.