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Removing and Preventing Frost on your Windshield

Winter has arrived here in South Carolina (for the next few days at least) and I dread nothing more than the morning ritual of scraping the windshield. Luckily, I have found a few options to help out with this task.

The fool-proof method to avoiding a frosted-over windshield is to keep the car under a cover or shed. If this isn't an option for you, you can always cover the windshield area only. I have seen this done in many ways- cardboard box, tarp, etc. Covercraft offers a new product called an Auto Snow Shield that covers the windshield, roof, side windows, and also the rear window. The Snow Shield provides coverage for your windshield so scraping is a thing of the past. Also, this special type of cover is made in 2 pieces that pull apart, to better help you remove any snow or ice that may have accumulated.

If you prefer not to bother with putting on and removing a cover every time, you can try using an ice prevention spray that can be applied to the windshield at night and will keep the windshield free of frost. You can also try a de-icer that will quickly clear any frost that has accumulated on the windshield overnight. These products are available for purchase at many auto  parts stores and big box stores. I even found a few "recipes" online for a home-made, non-toxic version! One was as simple as mixing one part water to two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle and applying that to the windshield, melting the frozen buildup.

Of course theres always the old trusty solution....scraping. Just make sure the edge of the scraper is in good condition, meaning it doesnt have any nicks or uneven places which could scratch your windshield. I prefer the deluxe scrapers that have a cozy mitt to place your hand in while performing that daunting chore.

Have patience! Winter will be over soon and we'll be longing for the days of chilly weather. Until then, try out one of the alternatives listed above.